September 23, 2010


Legendary Singer to Raise Awareness of Knee Osteoarthritis

Parsippany, NJ – September 23, 2010 – Disco icon Gloria Gaynor, whose career spans three decades and includes the Grammy award winning anthem, “I Will Survive,” will be the headline performer for the opening ceremonies of the Huntsman World Senior Games on October 5th to raise awareness of knee osteoarthritis(OA), including her own experience with the pain of this potentially debilitating condition. The Huntsman World Senior Games is an international sports competition scheduled for October 4-16 in St. George, Utah. More than 10,000 athletes will participate in this year’s Games, the highest number in the event’s history. As the national spokesperson for EUFLEXXA® (1% sodium hyaluronate), a treatment for the pain of knee osteoarthritis, Ms. Gaynor is bringing attention to the prevalence of knee osteoarthritis, and the medical options available to treat the pain it causes.

“I know all too well the overwhelming nature of pain resulting from knee osteoarthritis, and its impact on daily activities,” said Ms. Gaynor. “For me, climbing steps to the stage, dancing and exercising were all affected. Sharing my experience to help others means the world. I want people to know it is possible to help find relief and return to an active lifestyle exemplified by the Huntsman World Senior Games.”

Ms. Gaynor, who says she remains a “survivor,” was diagnosed with OA of the knee over 25 years ago (visit Gloria at She tried numerous treatment options to manage the pain including exercise, various non-drug therapies, simple pain relievers and other forms of hyaluronic acid (HA) therapy. She found success with EUFLEXXA.

Ms. Gaynor was treated with EUFLEXXA in 2009, and has joined the ranks of people who are highly satisfied with EUFLEXXA. EUFLEXXA’s manufacturer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc., is a sponsor of the 2010 Huntsman World Senior Games.

“We are honored to welcome Gloria to the Huntsman World Senior Games, and grateful once again for EUFLEXXA’s sponsorship,” said John Morgan, founder and President of the Games. “Gloria and the EUFLEXXA team share a commitment to active, healthy aging, which reflects our own philosophy and spirit.”

In addition to her performance at the Games’ opening ceremony, Ms. Gaynor will visit the Dixie Center Exhibit Hall to visit with athletes and spectators.

Ms. Gaynor experienced her first major success in 1975 with the classic song “Never Can Say Goodbye.” She went on to record a string of major hits, most notably “I Will Survive,” a Grammy Award winning song that has become an anthem for women around the world. Ms. Gaynor, also known as the Queen of Disco, celebrated the song’s 30th anniversary in 2009. She is currently traveling the world performing, and most recently appeared on “Last Comic Standing” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

EUFLEXXA is the first non-avian derived hyaluronic acid (HA) approved in the U.S. for treatment of knee pain due to osteoarthritis. EUFLEXXA received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 3, 2004 and became available to the public on November 8, 2005. For more information, visit Since 1987, the Huntsman World Senior Games has proudly welcomed thousands of serious athletes from across the globe to breathtaking St. George, Utah. Each year, determined athletes, ages 50 and up, participate in 27 athletic events over two weeks.


The Huntsman World Senior Games (HWSG) began in 1987 thanks to the visionary perspective of Daisy and John H. Morgan, Jr., who believed the golden years are better when good health and physical fitness become a way of life, not an occasional hobby. In 1989 Jon M. Huntsman, Chairman of the Huntsman Corporation, became the Games principal sponsor after recognizing that the Games not only fostered lifetime fitness, but also expanded Utah’s economic vitality.

Since its inception, the Games have been open to all men and women meeting the age requirement. A small full-time staff works year round and is joined by more than 2,000 eager seasonal volunteers to host 27 athletic events over a two-week period each October. Headquartered in Southern Utah, HWSG has become a renowned event among serious athletes from Japan to Russia and from Alaska to Australia. Scores of foreign countries have participated in the Huntsman World Senior Games, where peace among nations is fostered through friendly competition.

In addition to athletic events, the Games promote health by providing life saving health screenings for cancer (breast and prostate). Screenings also detect other serious health threats including glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and decreased bone density.

Band concerts, dances, and awards socials for each sport are also part of the package, bringing athletes and guests together in a social atmosphere where they share in, and congratulate each other for their achievements. This important aspect of the Games emphasizes the celebration of success for all participants, whether or not they win a medal.


EUFLEXXA® (1% sodium hyaluronate) is used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It is used in people who do not get enough relief from simple pain medications such as acetaminophen or from exercise and physical therapy.


You should not receive this product if you have had any previous allergic reaction to EUFLEXXA® or hyaluronan products. You should not have an injection into the knee if you have a knee joint infection or if you have skin disease or infection around the injection site. EUFLEXXA® is only for injection into the knee performed by a qualified doctor. After you receive this injection you may need to avoid activities such as jogging, tennis, heavy lifting, or standing on your feet for a long time (more than one hour). The safety and effectiveness of repeat treatment cycles of EUFLEXXA® have not been established. The safety and effectiveness of EUFLEXXA® have not been shown in people under 18 years of age.

Side effects sometimes seen when EUFLEXXA® is injected into the knee joint were pain, swelling, skin irritation, and tenderness and these were generally mild and did not last long. Visit for full prescribing information.


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